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"We are a closely held, family owned, business working to provide you with the best service we can." - Ben Howell

Ben Howell Construction Inc.

Founded by Ben Howell in 1991, as the logical progression of training and experience received from his father while working in his father's industrial business from childhood. He spent much of his childhood around the family shop, learning to use a compressor and shop tools from his earliest memory. “In the days before OSHA, I first operated a Grove RT48 crane on the job at the age of 14,” says Ben (under his father's supervision, of course). His on-the-job training continued throughout his youth and into adulthood, at which time he had accumulated years of experience working in industry.

Since that time BHC has completed many commercial and industrial projects over some 30 years. These projects have included steel fabrication, manufacturing plant construction, machinery dismantling, moving, and installation, as well as crane and rigging services for a variety of industries. Because of this, BHC brings in house experience with a broad selection of trade industries and skill sets.

Our Team
Ben Howell, President and Operations Manager | Phone: 541-579-5557

Gayle Howell, Office Administrator | Phone: 541-942-1277
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